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June 27, 2017, 06:00:20 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Cheetos Parachute with 100! :)
June 27, 2017, 05:56:13 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Polonaise Snake with 1397! :)
June 27, 2017, 05:49:09 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of 247 Bombs with 152! :)
June 26, 2017, 04:15:31 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Christmas Tiles with 4970! :)
June 26, 2017, 03:23:10 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Blow Up: Puzzle with 44020! :)
June 26, 2017, 03:16:17 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Viking Rotation with 700! :)
June 26, 2017, 03:14:46 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Shooting Hearts with 12! :)
June 26, 2017, 01:15:35 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Uber Pool with 1127! :)
June 25, 2017, 11:18:18 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Drifting Afternoon with 113700! :)
June 25, 2017, 11:15:45 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Brick wall with 235! :)
June 25, 2017, 11:11:41 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Jungle Tower Master with 27930! :)
June 25, 2017, 11:04:37 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Mahjongg 3D (192) All Aboard - Chrome with 557
June 25, 2017, 10:40:21 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Helicopter 2 with 64! :)
June 25, 2017, 10:34:29 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Buggy run 2 with 1870! :)
June 25, 2017, 04:52:33 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of One Piece - Card Game with 72! :)
June 25, 2017, 04:49:48 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Bubblegum Run with 5100! :)
June 25, 2017, 04:45:24 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Yeti Sports 2 - Orca Slap with 436.6! :)
June 25, 2017, 03:01:34 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Find The Difference Nature 1 with 1979! :)
June 25, 2017, 02:52:45 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Turkey Shooter 3D with 7410! :)
June 25, 2017, 02:46:51 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Slots Mama Monster Slots with 722! :)
June 25, 2017, 02:45:42 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Turkey Shoot 2 with 200! :)
June 25, 2017, 02:41:37 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of React with 128! :)
June 25, 2017, 02:13:11 AM - StarChildxox : Second on Ace Driver with 2500
June 25, 2017, 02:09:51 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Schwing State with 3100! :)
June 23, 2017, 09:51:25 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Combo X999 with 147630! :)
June 21, 2017, 11:12:49 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Glum Ball Glumballs with 21019! :)
June 21, 2017, 11:10:35 PM - StarChildxox : Second on Snackers with 823
June 21, 2017, 11:04:16 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Bubble Shift with 144! :)
June 21, 2017, 11:02:58 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Rocket Ninja Cyborg with 65! :)
June 21, 2017, 09:48:45 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Rons Free Fall with 20! :)
June 21, 2017, 09:43:47 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Bender Racer with 550! :)
June 21, 2017, 09:41:03 PM - StarChildxox : Color Fuge Comment - sucky game
June 21, 2017, 09:40:48 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Color Fuge with 2! :)
June 20, 2017, 11:20:42 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Mahjong Burger Normal with 2380! :)
June 20, 2017, 09:39:04 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Bejeweled 2 with 38700! :)
June 20, 2017, 09:34:01 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Two Three with 103! :)
June 20, 2017, 09:31:42 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Star Blocks Extreme with 1850! :)
June 20, 2017, 09:19:40 PM - StarChildxox : Champion of Mahjong Dong Cu Sushi with 6180! :)
June 20, 2017, 08:46:27 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Tower Blaster with 11498! :)
June 19, 2017, 07:33:58 AM - StarChildxox : Champion of Bubblio Action! with 7260! :)
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Name Plays My Best Champion
Discover London
Discover the famous spots in London in this Card and Mahjong connect game Demo Movie. First play a Tripeaks card game where you have to remove all cards by selecting cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card. Then play a mahjong connect game where you have to connect two of the same images with a path with no more then two 90 degree angles. Finally play a spot the difference game.
40 No scores recorded
gold PoPuLaRgIrL 1200
Mahjong Link
Das Spielfeld besteht aus verschiedenen Karten. Um in den nächsten Level zu kommen, müssen alle Spielkarten entfernt werden. Dazu muss man zwei gleiche Karten anklicken, deren Verbindungslinie nicht mehr als zwei Knicke aufweist. Es können auch zwei gleiche, benachbarte Karten in der Mitte des Spielfelds angeklickt werden. Am unteren Spielfeldrand ist eine Lupe eingeblendet. Wenn auf dieses Symbol geklickt wird, wird ein Kartenpaar angezeigt. Allerdings ist dieses Lupensymbol nur begrenzt nutzbar. Neben dem Lupensymbol befindet sich ein Zeitbalken. Wenn keine Kartenpaare angeklickt werden, nimmt der Zeitbalken langsam ab. Benötigt man zu lange, um das nächste Kartenpaar zu finden, ist der Zeitbalken verschwunden und das Spiel ist beendet.
39 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 5390
Flappy Mr Bean
This is a funny game of Mr Bean. You help Mr. Bean fly over the pipe and get all the coins in the road.
41 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 130
Angel Betty
Bleibe mit Betty solange wie möglich in der Luft und sammle die Früchte ein.
45 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 390
Flappy Spiderman
Flappy Spiderman is very fun and addictive game based on the hit trending app flappy bird.
38 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 8
Western Mahjong
Fantastic free most popular mahjong game in western style. Get the sheriffs badge and set out on your journey to Wild West to establish order and justice in each place you visit. The game has 20 episodes with 5 levels in each thus there are 100 levels for relaxing and continues play. Delete all tiles from the playing bard to advance to the next level. At first the game seems to be rather easy but further the levels become more and more difficult, it will require all your skill to delete tiles arranged on several layers and intricate patterns. Score as much points as possible to be the first in the online top 10 table. You will have a lot of fun playing this great game with excellent graphics and addictive gameplay.
39 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 301
silver robbie93 251
DragonBall Z Mahjongg Egypt
Plateau Egypt, et supprimez toutes les tuiles.
39 No scores recorded
All In One Mahjong 3 Medium
Lust auf ein Mahjongspiel in du alle Varianten des Mahjongg spielen kannst? Dann bist du hier genau richtig. Denn in All In One Mahjong 3 kannst du deiner Leidenschaft des Steine entfernen unbegrenzt nach gehen.
38 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 135135
Shooting Gallery
Step right up and test your aim with this old fashioned carnival style shooting gallery! Shooting Gallery is a fast paced arcade-style shooter where the goal is to hit as many moving targets as possible in 60 seconds.
70 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 5700
Mahjong Deluxe 2017
Mahjong Deluxe 2017 is based on the classic Chinese game. The goal is to eliminate all blocks from the board. Playing this game is very easy and fun. You can eliminate only paired free blocks. The block is free when at least two adjacent neighboring sides of it are free, i.e. they have no neighbors on at least two adjacent sides. Combine matching blocks with similar blocks. There is also the possibility to re-shuffle the blocks if there are no match left, and a number of hints you can use. Also there is the bomb power-up which can remove any block pair.
39 No scores recorded
gold Ace 20660
silver robbie93 7190
bronze StarChildxox 7120
Holiday Wordscramble
Rearrange the letters to make the Christmas word or phrase. Click on Check when you have it. Click on Hint if you need some help.
13 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 180
silver robbie93 80
Stars! is fun and addicting puzzle game with space theme. Click on stars to remove them. When you remove more stars you will get more points.
14 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 502900
silver robbie93 156600
Match3 Christmas Pack
Jewels. Tu dois aligner 3 icones identiques, pour changer la couleur des bulles sur tout le plateau et passer au level suivant.
13 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 16390
9 Ball Knockout
Improve your billiards skills to become the champion of 9-ball knockout! You will face other real players in an online pool tournament. Figure out how the balls will bounce off of the walls, and score on every turn. Do not let anyone outplay you! Play the Hi-Score Challenge and submit your best saved score. SCORES button submits your score. Have fun at R&H 8)
16 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 9
Unique Fruits Match
Connecte 3 fruits identiques en moins de coup possible.
12 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 93702
Gummy Bear Clix
Gummy bears clix match game, A match two or more game with score keeper, in this game you must click on all two or more matching icons to score, but also remember you have to prevent a stack from reaching the top or the game will be over, this is a great game for improving hand eye coordination. Have fun!
10 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 1690
silver robbie93 690
Mahjong Energy 19 No scores recorded
The Templars Cave HO
Find the objects hidden within the different scenes.
12 No scores recorded
9 Ball Quick Fire Pool
Loche in diesem 9-Ball-Billardspiel so viele Kugeln wie möglich ein, bevor die Zeit abläuft. Wenn du die Neunerkugel korrekt versenkst, erhältst du weitere Kugeln zum Einlochen. Wie viele schaffst du hintereinander?
23 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 14800
silver R&H BOT 13400
Cinderella Jewel Match
Das Spiel ist ein Jewel Match-Spiel, in dem Sie drei oder mehr Juwelen der gleichen Art und Farbe zusammen bringen müssen. Jedes Level hat begrenzte Zeit und eine Zielpunkte vorgabe.
33 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 14670
silver robbie93 10270
Diamond Connect Mania
Diamond Connect Mania, useridentical Diamonds Puzzle Game. In this game you need to clear the board by matching useridentical Diamonds pairs. Each time you match 2 useridentical Diamonds they will be removed from the board and you will get 100 points for that. While connecting you must obey a simple rule which says that the path of connection between 2 useridentical Diamonds must not contain more than 2 turns.
30 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 27900
silver robbie93 16400
Maze Game 46 No scores recorded
12 sec 31 No scores recorded
Bucket ball 21 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 800
3d netblazer 24 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 8
Thrust 3 24 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 3750
Christmas Mahjong 27 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 360
silver robbie93 100
Halloween Monster Match
Halloween Monster Match is a classic match 3 game with halloween theme. In this game you need to change all the blocks from dark to bright. Each time you swap and make a set or 3 same monster the block related to them becomes brighter. You can not swap a locked block. To unlock it you must make match with locked block by swapping other neighbouring blocks. Make all blocks bright blue to win the level. You can play this game by mouse. To swap blocks either click on 2 adjacent block one by one or just drag a block on its neighbouring block.
30 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 14250
Arkinvaders 25 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 36123
Awesome Blossom 12 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 1990
Monkey baseball 15 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 3
SuperMarioMahjong 38 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 86
8 Ball Quick Fire Pool
Versenke so viele Kugeln wie möglich, bevor die Zeit abläuft. Wenn nur noch eine Kugel übrig ist, erhältst du ein neues Rack mit 14 neuen Kugeln zum versenken. Wie lange kannst du durchhalten?
31 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 4250
silver robbie93 3775
Pumpkin Balls
Sammel die Items ein, aber weiche den Gegnern aus.
29 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 540
silver robbie93 460
Halloween Connect Deluxe
Halloween Connect Deluxe is a classic connect game with Halloween Theme. In this game you need to clear the board by removing all the items. You can remove a pair at once. For removing a pair first you need to find a pair of 2 identical items, which can be connected with 3 or less than 3 lines. The line can not overlap other items. So in other words you can understand that the connecting path between 2 identical items should not have more than 2 turns. To finish a level clear all the items by connecting identical item within time limit. The bar below the board denotes the time spent by you. If the bar fills before you clear the board the level will be over and you need to play that level again. If you save some time, you will get extra bonus. You will get limited hints which you can use when you find it hard to search the perfect pair. When level finishes, each unused hint gives you 500 extra points as bonus. Play 15 deluxe levels of different difficulty to make you Halloween more funny. Happy Halloween.
27 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 92550
silver robbie93 92504
Choo-Choo Circus
You are the Director of a circus thats just packing up and moving on to the next town. The Big Top has been taken down, and now all that remains is to ensure that all the circus animals are safely on board the circus train and in their respective cars. Switch the animals with each other to create matches. Match three or more animals and they will fall into the cars passing below. Try to make the right animal fall into the right car.
560 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 637000
silver robbie93 479800
bronze Ace 261000
Wheres my Pumpkin Easy 478 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 16870
silver robbie93 750
Old flash retro remake of Galaga.
481 No scores recorded
gold R&H BOT 7660
silver Ace 7260
bronze StarChildxox 6270
Navy War
Battleship with 3 rounds and bonus weapons!
550 No scores recorded
gold Ace 5915
Scooby Doo Snowboarding
Help Scooby Doo snowboarding downhill avoiding all the rock. You can do all kinds of tricks on the ramp: front side, backside, switch-stand and classic style aerial grab.
543 No scores recorded
gold Krazy Dizzle 30700
silver robbie93 17300
bronze Ace 16700
Astro Ballon 598 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 1118
silver Krazy Dizzle 892
bronze robbie93 659
Balloon Trizzle
Match 3 or more of the same balloon and grow the balloons.
581 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 53150
silver baby girl 49250
bronze robbie93 870
Mahjong Connect Jungle
Connect the two tiles in this unique version of Mahjong that is set in depths of the jungle.
725 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 4235
FruitJong 2 Mahjong
This is the sequel to the 3d mahjong game Fruitjong. It features 10 new challenging levels and 2 more blocks! The score decreases over time, but you get more points when you collect blocks. Difficulty increases as you progress.
641 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 189900
Snowboarding Superman
Help Superman snowboarding downhill avoiding all the rock. You can do all kinds of tricks on the ramp: front side, backside, switch-stand and classic style aerial grab.
518 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 5400
silver robbie93 2700
3 Point Shootout 2
Keep the wind and direction in mind and become the best 3-point shooter in basketbal! Good Luck!
364 No scores recorded
gold R&H BOT 380
silver Ace 260
Machine Gunner
Your ship was crash in the alien planet. All up against you, alone warrior armed with heavy machine-gun and unlimited ammo. What can you do alone? Can survive the bloody slaughter? Kill them all and stay alive? Try to shoot all the aliens to survive.
257 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 21900
silver baby girl 17300
Red Riot
RedRiot - combines intense action-focused gameplay with high production values and replayability. Taking control of the Russian Superhero, the player will go head to head with the military forces of his deranged nemesis through multiple mission-based scenarios and settings. Players have the ability to upgrade their superpowers through the collection and expenditure of in-game credits - increasing damage and versatility - while laying waste to everything around them.

Survival Score = (seconds survived * 1000)
231 No scores recorded
gold Ace 20866
London Olympic Archery
Show up your bow skills in this exciting archery game. You must have a high score towards the end of the game, and you must take into consideration the wind. Aim and perfectly time the center of the target to get the perfect points. Fire your arrows as accurate as possible at the targets. Keep from missing or poor shots. Good luck and have fun!
222 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 40979
silver Ace 39766
Hidden Stars Beauties
Hidden Stars-Beauties is another point and click hidden objects Stars are hidden everywhere in the Beauties picture.Find them and hit it. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time.
161 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 6599
Hidden Objects Super Market
Examine your observing skill by finding the hidden objects which are located in different places Avoid clicking unnecessarily as otherwise your time will get reduced.
237 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 3261
silver baby girl 3160
Hidden Object Luxury Bus
Hidden Objects Luxury Bus is another point and click hidden object game Its the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in the Luxury Bus Find the hidden objects in short duration to get high score Avoid clicking wrongly as otherwise you will lose 20 seconds in given time duration Good luck and have fun
201 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 3879
Pig Hits Fox
Use arrow keys to move batter, mouse click to swing your bat. Haha, poor little fox to be batted by the pig. Timing must be considered for a good swing or you will be hit by the fox. Do your best for good swing to hit the target for highest points.
1542 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 30339
silver Krazy Dizzle 24299
bronze Ace 22307
Connect Animal
Help animals find their pairs by connecting them together. The game may have simple rules, but it’s more challenging than you can imagine. It’s a fast-paced action puzzle game that puts various of your skills at test. Can you manage to save all the animals before time runs out? In-game instructions with detailed description of rules are included.
180 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 15670
silver baby girl 15310
bronze Ace 7350
Jungle Tower 3
Jungle Tower 3 is a third part of popular physics high-scores game with very original and addicting gameplay! Its a mix of balancing and matching game!
234 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 555
silver snow leapard 457
bronze baby girl 454
Joes Farm Last Stand 241 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 1138
Alamandi 878 No scores recorded
gold Ke$ha 8490
silver Krazy Dizzle 7840
bronze StarChildxox 7650
Zombie Pinball
Ping ghosts, kill zombies and fight bosses all with a pinball in a graveyard. Fun but challenging, can you kill the zombies before you fall? Original idea, classic pinball.
199 No scores recorded
gold Ace 134877
My Dear Boss
You have a hard time with your fussy boss? The boss is driving you crazy? Kick your abusive boss out the window in this crazy game! Time it right and he will really fly.
137 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 117170
silver Krazy Dizzle 3216
bronze MaRia 2558
Stone Age Connect
Fun 3D Mahjong Connect type of game, set in the Stone Age. Connect 2 of the same tiles to remove them from the game. The connecting line cannot have more then 2 angles/corners!
640 No scores recorded
gold PoPuLaRgIrL 2490
silver mattey 2280
bronze R&H BOT 440
Combo Match
Another Connet type game..
159 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 5683
silver R&H BOT 3516
Tetris Returns
The return of Tetris. Yet another tetris clone!
187 No scores recorded
gold baby girl 19950
silver StarChildxox 19460
bronze mattey 13570
Tutti Tetris
Un Tetris original et enfantin.
128 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 15463
silver snow leapard 14042
bronze R&H BOT 2132
Where is 2012 111 No scores recorded
Tin Tin
Be the first to find the treasure!.
112 No scores recorded
gold snow leapard 8075
silver Ke$ha 7825
bronze MaRia 5175
Christmas Three
Hast du schon alle Geschenke für Weihnachten bereit? Wenn nicht kannst du in dem Match 3 Game Christmas Three noch jede Menge abstauben! Bringe hier mit deiner Maus waagerecht und senkrecht stets Gruppen gleichfarbiger Weihnachtspäckchen zusammen, indem du 2 benachbarte Päckchen miteinander tauschst. Hast du ein Level innerhalb des Zeitlimits bewältigt, so gelangst du in das Nächste. Zwischen den Leveln kannst du PowerUps erwerben, die sich im Spiel einsetzen lassen. Weihnachten kann kommen!
145 No scores recorded
gold snow leapard 40250
silver robbie93 20200
Snowball Throw
Throw snowballs at Christmas themed targets. Hit Santa and get bonus coins to throw at. .
110 No scores recorded
gold baby girl 38500
silver robbie93 38150
bronze Ke$ha 27750
Rotator - Santa Mix
Rotate the image to complete the game.
118 No scores recorded
gold Ke$ha 3825
silver fernando 2650
SPoT 5 - Christmas
Try To SPoT The Differences Before The Time Ends!
155 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 2790
silver Gunner 2720
bronze baby girl 2140
High - Low
Will the next card be higher or lower, that is the question! Use your mouse to pick a card.
332 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 137
silver Gunner 116
bronze Ke$ha 76
Christmas Mahjong Deluxe
Match the tiles to clear the level, Christmas mahjong deluxe by
137 No scores recorded
gold Ace 1871
Santa's Quest
An accident hash happened before the Christmas. Somebody broken magic Christmas toy. Santa Claus needs your help in it repairing to save the holiday.
1022 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 23050
silver Ke$ha 9100
bronze Ace 8690
Santa Crusader v32
Help santa in retrieving all the presents for xmas.
111 No scores recorded
gold Krazy Dizzle 1900
silver MaRia 1900
bronze Ace 1100
Santa's Showdown
A short shooting game of shooting elves and kids as they pop out from behind things in a few spots..
118 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 1600
Christmas Tiles Mahjong Set 1
Solitaire Mahjong Games with Christmas Tiles Match the same tiles on the same layer and try to clear the board. If you cant select a matching picture, then it is not on the same layer and is blocked by other tiles. The images must match exactly with the exceptions of the Christmas trees and the gifts. Any tree will match with any other Christmas tree on the same layer, and any present will match with any other present.
117 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 1020
silver Krazy Dizzle 640
bronze Ace 400
Christmas Holiday themed arcade style matching game.
165 No scores recorded
gold Gunner 557800
Yeah, but what if you hate your new toys? Show your dissatisfaction by trashing the house! How much damage can you do with one kick?
601 No scores recorded
gold Krazy Dizzle 38375
silver StarChildxox 33634
bronze CutiePie 33035
Santa's Gift Jump
It's Christmas Eve and Santa went skating on the frozen
lake near his house. Just for a few minutes before he has to fly in his sleigh..
108 No scores recorded
gold Krazy Dizzle 8711
silver fernando 5912
Fishing Fun
Catch the fish shown and the bonus star fish without snagging the trash. Get extra points by catching the seastars.
123 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 18250
silver Gunner 13800
bronze fernando 13050
Santas Ride
Help Santa Deliver The Gifts.
93 No scores recorded
gold fernando 11941
Toy Collection Mahjong
20 minutes of Mahjong fun with 60 different levels. Combine 2 free mahjong tiles to remove them from the game. As usual a tile is free if it\\\'s not covered and has at least 1 free side (left or right).
132 No scores recorded
Speedy Santa
Can you help Santa to collect gifts for you? Well! Be careful as you  have only 20 seconds of the life line.First two level of this game gives you 100 bonus points and after clearing these levels you can help Santa, as he gives you many gifts.
Make use of the arrow keys to move the Santa all around.
Press Space bar and hit the gifts across the sky to get the gifts.
Make sure that you clear the first two levels before the lifeline ends or you will loose the game.
In the last level you can score the maximum before the lifeline ends.
Keep grabbing the red stars to increase the lifeline.
Gifts will add to your score that will let you continue to the next level.
96 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 580
silver Krazy Dizzle 535
Gift Grab V32
Earn points by catching presents with the chimney
128 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 149
silver Krazy Dizzle 44
bronze fernando 34
Santa's Stacking Filler
Catch the falling game boxes in Santa's stocking and successfully balance them. How many can you handle at once?
151 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 4785
silver Ace 4585
bronze fernando 3455
Cookies - a walk in the wood
Walk of ?ookies on skateboard accompanies set of dangers. Help cookies to go for a drive on skateboard, collect different bonuses. Be afraid of different animals which want to eat cookies, shoot at them cones.
101 No scores recorded
gold Krazy Dizzle 3248
Newspaper Boy
A remake of the classic video game is back but this time the newspaper boy is spreading carnage around the neighborhood! Throw dynamite and then upgrade your bike.
124 No scores recorded
gold baby girl 4.06
silver robbie93 3.99
bronze StarChildxox 1.46
Light It
Connect all the lamps with the main battery to light them.
100 No scores recorded
gold baby girl 1626
silver robbie93 1612
bronze Krazy Dizzle 1320
Colour Robots
Spiele hier ein weiteres Match 3 Game. Es hat auch ein wenig vom bekannten Tetris Game. Setze deine Steine so aufeinander, dass immer drei gleichfarbige Roborter aneinander oder übereinander liegen und verbunden sind. Gespielt wird mit der Maus.
119 No scores recorded
gold baby girl 579
Kid n Zombies
Why are zombies chasing kid? Help kid make it to the other side (of the screen).
111 No scores recorded
gold robbie93 481500
silver Ke$ha 96500
bronze Ace 53500
Bouncy Fire Fighters
Take on the role of the Bouncy Fire Fighters and save the needy from death. Hop on a life net and control your jumps to rescue the victims from burning accidents. But beware of falling down. Enjoy Bouncy Fire Fighters.
665 No scores recorded
gold Ke$ha 22180
silver fernando 19930
bronze mattey 9100
Falling Guru
As a great falling guru your mission in this game should be very simple: jump over platforms and reach the bottom of the cave by falling down through it.
412 No scores recorded
gold CutiePie 619236
silver Gunner 531837
bronze StarChildxox 440096
Match 3 Adventure
Defeat the monsters in Match 3 Adventure, a super action packed free match 3 game. Attack them with combos for mega damage.
150 No scores recorded
gold Ke$ha 16582
silver Ace 14460
bronze fernando 11240
Pumpkin Palava
There are four different types of enemy Ghost, Lazy, Spiral and Vampire, each one with a unique ability.!
113 No scores recorded
gold mattey 18800
silver fernando 18500
bronze Ace 18100
Shaun the Sheep Match Quest
Use your memory skills to match the pairs of cards as quickly as possible!
158 No scores recorded
gold CutiePie 18450
silver mattey 14400
bronze fernando 11400
Cave of No Return
Survive as long as possible and delve as deep as you can into the Cave of No Return in this survival challenge platformer.!
156 No scores recorded
gold fernando 4136
silver Ace 3789
bronze mattey 2611
Galactic Gems
Swap adjacent gems to make matches of 3 or more in vertical or horizontal lines. Clear all background bricks to proceed to the next level.
120 No scores recorded
gold fernando 19075
silver CutiePie 16175
bronze Ace 14200
Kick Justin Beaver
Yet another fun game for Justin \\\'Beaver\\\' haters!
115 No scores recorded
gold StarChildxox 7504
silver CutiePie 3741
bronze fernando 323
Jelly Pop
Swap the jelly to make it pop anywhere on the line, either horizontally or vertically. Try to create groups of 3 or more.
132 No scores recorded
gold Ke$ha 3492
silver fernando 3216
bronze Krazy Dizzle 2029
Welly Wanger
Help the Naughty Pigs throw their welly as far as possible, using objects along the way for a boost!!
162 No scores recorded
gold Krazy Dizzle 1728
silver Ace 1691
bronze Ke$ha 1465
Candy World
Help the liitle boy to collect candies from liitle demons candy world.
320 No scores recorded
gold Ace 5540
silver Krazy Dizzle 3190
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